[na-user] Alt Q vs. Alt X

Hal Offutt Hal Offutt <japancorporateresearch@compuserve.com>
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 09:23:14 -0500


Thanks for the help to the many people who responded.  I did read the
manual but I didn't read it carefully enough.  On Page 19 it says "The
program is exited by pressing Alt-Q or Alt-X."   I guess Alt-Q was dropped
somewhere along the way.  As some of you know, in earlier versions, Alt-Q
was how you exited.  That was my most favorite command because it was so
easy to remember  (Q for "quit").  The last thing I expected was that it
would be different in the new version.  An important reason that I decided
to buy NA again was the expectation that the commands would be the same and
I wouldn't have to learn a bunch of new ones.  I hope there aren't too many
other changes like this.  Anyhow, no big deal and all is well for now. 
Sorry for taking up the bandwidth.  

I'll be putting the new version through its paces from VU2WAP in the CQWWDX
CW.  Hope to work you.


Hal W1NN

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