[na-user] Alt Q vs. Alt X

k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 23:22:55 -0500

At 08:09 PM 11/15/00 -0500, Jimk8mr@aol.com wrote:
>Not for the manual, but I did notice that 10.50 tried to put KG4BIG into VI.
>There weren't many other KG4's on CW, but I suspect (and hope) there will be
>a lot more on SSB (for example I met KG4GAC last Sunday in FL).
>Is KH4*** for W4 land next, or is the FCC skipping from KG4ZZZ to KI4AAA?

NA has code in it that makes KG4 2x2s into Guantanamo, but otherwise are 
USA.  Same for KC6s.  However, this code works for country IDs (DX 
contests, NAQP, etc.) but not SS where simple prefix lookups are used.  It 
doesn't seem worth the effort to fix this since its a fairly small 
population affected and you ARE supposed to copy the section (to overwrite VI).

KG4 2x2 callsigns are issued by the US Navy (or is it Coast Guard) that 
administers Guantanamo.  Obviously, the FCC has agreed not to issue KG4 
2x2s, but they probably don't see any reason to skip KG4 2x3s.  KH4 
however, *IS* a valid Midway general class callsign, so my predictions is 
that the only way KH4s might get issued in FLA, for example would be by 

Of course, the FCC could be using old voting machines to administer 


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