[na-user] New NA Version 10.51 available

k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 18:06:57 -0500

23 NOVEMBER 2000

A new version of the NA contest logging program is now available from the
Radio Bookstore or the DATOM Engineering web site.  This version has the
following bugs fixed or revisions:

*   Added new precedences from 1999 to SS practice mode.
*   Improved format of PRACTICE.LOG.
*   Auto Check Partial now starts after two characters - was three
     (tnx K1TO).
*   Corrected errors in Cabrillo header for reporting category for Multi-
     Operator and single band entries.
*   SO2R QSOs made on second radio are now flagged in .QDF file, and a
     SO2R breakdown added with the QSO rate summary sheet.
*   Alt-F4 now works correctly to return to the original frequency after
     grabbing a spot by "point-and-shoot" (tnx G4KNO and others).
*   Modified WPX template for new 2001 rules allowing a multiplier station
     in the multi-single category.

Current versions of NA and accessory programs:

NA      10.51
NAU      1.30
NAQSL    3.14
TE       1.12
CONFIG   1.11

GL to everybody this weekend in CQWW CW!


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Tom Pruett, WB8VMN

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