[na-user] NA and DRSI??

Rich Hallman - N7TR Rich Hallman - N7TR <N7TR@Rnodx.org>
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 17:01:54 -0800

Thanks Dave!!   Loaded BPQ and Im now up with a DRSI TNC...

Rich  N7TR

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At 02:52 PM 11/23/00 -0800, Rich Hallman - N7TR wrote:
>I know this has been asked in the past......Is there a way for NA to use a

The only way I know it can be done is by using the G8BPQ packet switch 
software in place of the standard DRSI driver.  The G8BPQ driver is quite 
widely used in PacketCluster systems because of its flexibility in 
interfacing to many different TNCs, such as DRSI, KISS, etc.

Using the G8BPQ driver is discussed briefly in the NA manual under 
"CONFIGURING NA FOR PACKET - Using the G8BPQ packet switch".

Dave Pruett, K8CC
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