[na-user] NA10.51

Jim George n3bb@mindspring.com (Jim George)
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 13:08:16 -0600

Downloaded the program, and ran it thru a few tests.  It does fix the ALT
F4 problem on 10.49 and 10.50, and now the radio comes back on the original
freq  after being away to chase a spot.  Thanks!  But the AUTODUPE function
now didn't work at all for me.  The fix was to enable it with only three
characters instead of four as in 10.50.  My 10.50 works on partial call
check OK with the four characters, but 10.51 does not work at all now with
partial call check, whether three or four or any number of characters!  I
have the same MASTER.DAT enabled on both 10.50 and 10.51, and it works on
10.50 but not on 10.51.  That will be a loss during the contest!

Another weird problem with 10.51 (perhaps in the earlier versions too, I
didn't check) is that when I set it up for Single OP (unassisted), the
packet access still works!  You get the ALT A announcements, and complete
access to packet.  These should be disabled for the SO category.  I had
planned to go SO, and send out packet spots with ALT F3 for the local club,
but now I can't use packet at all since 10.51 appears to give me access as
long as the TNC is enabled.  So I'll run SO with the TNC not enabled.  Am I
doing something wrong?

Jim George


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