[na-user] Ctrl-F1, F2 change mode not working

VinceK6BIR@aol.com VinceK6BIR@aol.com
Sun, 8 Oct 2000 20:50:02 EDT

I was setting up to use NA for the Calif. QSO Party this last weekend and was 
not able to use it because of the Ctrl-F1 or Ctrl-F2 would not change modes, 
it started up in the CW mode, I could not get it to change to the SSB mode, 
after I set it to run with the rig control enabled, it displayed it was in 
SSB mode, but it still logged the contacts in the CW mode, it is doing the 
same thing on my laptop computer as well, I am using V10.49. I do not recall 
ever having this problem with previous versions of NA.

Tnx for any help.

Vince,  K6BIR

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