[na-user] CVB question

Scott Dickson, W5WZ Scott Dickson, W5WZ" <W5WZ@arrl.net
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 06:44:55 -0500

Here's another curious happening at W5WZ.

I normally run CVB and NA under Windows 98, and have been able to use the 
features that I want to use.  The recent question about com ports and IRQs 
got me to thinking about other "funnies" that I've run across.

If I boot to DOS, loading only the necessary drives for the SoundBlaster, 
then try to run CVB, something really unexpected happens.
Upon typing CVB and pressing enter, the normal CVB messages indicate that 
the program loaded successfully.  But, the prompt never returns.  If I then 
press any key, a DOS type message appears:

General Drive Error
Abort, Retry, Fail, or Ignore

Selecting Abort or Fail will return a prompt.  Any other selection has no 

Any ideas?  The only thing I can think of is that my hard disk uses FAT32 
for the file system.

Again, everything works fine running in a DOS window under Win98.  Under 
Win98, my configuration is:
COM 1 - CW keying or CVB interface
COM 2 - Rig control or RTTY via Kam+
LPT1 - If Com 1=CVB, then CW keying.

My desire to to get this computer set up to work in a pure DOS environment, 
with 4 com ports and 2 printer ports so that I don't have to swap cables 
around depending on the type of contest.

--Scott, W5WZ 

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