[na-user] SO2R switching problem (fixed)

Scott Detloff K8DX Scott Detloff K8DX" <ni8l@raex.com
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 08:30:11 -0400

After spending many hours trying to solve the problem, I
decided to take my old 486SX off the shelf and put it back
into service.  After a little time of getting the COM ports
and IRQ's set up correctly, all is now working.  Must have
been something in my Pentium that I will probably never
figure out :-(

Scott K8DX

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Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2000 12:15 AM
Subject: +AFs-na-user+AF0- SO2R switching problem

+AD4-I made the SO2R box that is in the NA manual a few weeks ago.
+AD4-Since one on my 'MP's was at Yaesu for service, this is the first time
+AD4-I've checked to make sure everything is working.
+AD4-Everything seems to switch OK on CW, but on SSB I'm having some
+AD4-problems.  Radio 1 works fine.  When you go to Radio 2, Ctrl S and
+AD4-Alt-D work fine, but once the radio is swapped with Ctrl-R, it stays
+AD4-there and the computer hangs.
+AD4-I've checked for TSR problems and can't find any.  I've looked at possible
+AD4-IRQ conflicts too with no luck.  I even tried using another DVP board
+AD4-without any success.
+AD4-Any other ideas on what to try?
+AD4-Scott K8DX
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