[na-user] Registered User Problem

Ben Coleman Ben Coleman <oloryn@mindspring.com>
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 18:31:47 -0400

Joe L Blackwell wrote:
> All you need to access downloads from Datom is your password.
> Nothing is easier than that.

The issue is that for some who have bought recently, the passwords
aren't yet set up on the site.  I also bought NA two or 3 weeks ago, and
today, when I went to access the registered users area using the
password I specified at the time of purchase, I couldn't get in.  I
emailed Datom and unlike John, I got a response, saying in part:

>Our webmaster has been in DL-land on business all week so has not
>been able to upload your info.

He did, however, email me the new version.  I don't know why John hasn't
gotten a response.


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