[na-user] NA and mfj 1278

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH Rich Dailey, KA8OKH" <okh.npi@gte.net
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 17:42:29 -0400

>If you can tell me which keys put the 1278 into transmit, and which return
>it to receive, we should be able to make this work.

Hi Dave,

According to the manual,  from command mode, the 1278 requires
a 'K <cr>' from the keyboard to enter converse mode.  From there, a
Ctrl-T initiates transmission mode, and Ctrl-R puts it back in receive

Of course before all this is done,  the tnc must be set to operate
hf rtty at 45 baud by entering 'mode hb 45 <cr>' while it's still in
command mode.

And when in converse mode, a Ctrl-C gets the tnc back into command mode.

Hope this helps,

Rich, KA8OKH

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