[NA-User] Screen Colours

G3SJJ G3SJJ" <g3sjj@btinternet.com
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 19:44:19 +0100

Ok, Dave. Thanks for your prompt response. I was just setting it up for
this weekends SSB FD and remembered that we had commented on it
during the IOTA contest.  Whatever you can do will be appreciated of
course. 73 Chris

> Chris,
> Actually the color is "bright red", however I agree it appears pink against
> the cyan background.
> At the moment, this color is not changeable.  Originally, all the spots
> were black, with differentiation by dupe or mult status provided by the
> spot filtering algorithm which regulates whether the spot is visible.  When
> people asked for color coding of the spots, we simply hard-coded "bright
> red on cyan" as the "new mult" color, in conjunction with NA's "window
> highlight" (default bright white on cyan) and "window normal" (default
> black on cyan) colors.
> We'll look into making the mults color adjustable, however this has a
> number of impacts.  The color choices are stored in the NA.CFG file, so we
> need to make room for more color data.  Plus, we'll have to modify the
> "pick colors" table in CONFIG.EXE since it fills the screen right now.  One
> option might be to hard code another less important color (like perhaps the
> opening screens?) into NA and allow use that color for the mult color.
> 73,
> Dave/K8CC