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Hal Offutt japancorporateresearch@compuserve.com
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 15:17:11 -0500

Don & Everyone

That did the trick.  I followed your advice and now can progress to the
logging page.  I think things will be okay now.

Many thanks for the prompt and good advice.  Thanks to everyone
else too for your suggestions.  It sure is nice to have such an army of
brains out there to tap!

CU all in NAQP CW.


Hal W1NN

Message text written by INTERNET:don.chisholm@home.com
>I have experienced this, too, and I think it as an anomoly with TE.EXE. If
you select NONE for 'Country File Names' (near the bottom left of the TE
screen), then it seems to actually look for a file named NONE instead of
looking for no file at all. I have entered DXCC.CTY in that spot just to
around it. When the progran loads, it loads all the DXCC mults in addition
to the TNQP mults, but it seems to work around the bug.