[na-user] VGA Monitor

k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 14:06:49 -0500

At 01:40 PM 1/21/01 -0500, Kenneth Wilson wrote:
>I am in the market for a vga monitor that does not put out RF. Or at least
>minimizes it.
>I have an old Sony that is ok except for 160 & 15.
>Any suggestions?   Is the little 9" that timeline sells any good?


I bought two of the little 9" monitors from Timeline.  These are *USED* 
(note emphasis) IBM PS/2 monitors.  This pisses me off because their web 
site (at least at the time I bought them) made no mention of this 
fact.  For the price I paid ($150) this is a  rip off when you can buy 
brand new 15" monitors at best buy for the same or less.  Both work OK, but 
one is in decidedly worse cosmetic condx than the other.  Also, some of my 
guest ops have whined about the display size being so small.

My nearest tower is 75' from the house, so I tend to not have problems from 
monitor RFI.  The biggest risks here have been from patching in beverages 
and other rx antennas on 160M.  If these connections are not solid and 
tight, monitor noise increases dramatically.

LCDs are the best choice for non-RFI, but they are expensive.  Radio Shack 
On-Line had a nice special on a 15" Princeton SVGA LCD monitor for $650, 
but they sold out before the pixels were hardly dry on the web page.

I wish I could find some cheap 12" VGA LCD monitors; you know, the TFT kind 
you find on virtually every laptop today.  My three year old Dell Inspiron 
has a wonderful LCD for logging - its a 800x600 SVGA, with a DOS mode text 
font that fills the screen in 80x25 or 80x50 mode.  Tweak up the appearance 
with K6STI's FONT program and you have the perfect logging screen.



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