[na-user] Editing CW Messages

Doug Brandon Doug Brandon <dab@home.com>
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:37:22 -0800

 From within NA, type EQUIPMENT to bring up the Equipment Control 
Panel.  Make sure you have a "+" next to the "Keyer" entry.  If this is not 
turned on, I don't think any of the keying functions will work.

     73 de Doug, N6RT

 >I am trying to use my new NA (ver 10.48) to operate in the 160 Meter CW
 >contest going on right now, but after an hour of setting up, I still am
 >having no luck.  On page 50 of the manual it says that you can edit CW
 >messages by pressing Shift along with F1 through F7.  When I press these
 >keys, nothing happens.  Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Are
 >there any default messages in these memories?  Because I am not getting
 >anything at all when I press F1-F7 and of course I can't edit them either.

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