[na-user] NA problem solved -- check MASTER.DTA

G3SQX@email.com G3SQX@email.com
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 10:34:56 -0000

I've had the same problem as NX5M.  I would find that NA appeared to
crash at apparently unpredictable times when entering callsigns.

After some correspondence with K8CC, I've discovered that I've
unwittingly been using a bad DTA file.  I decided that I'd enter the
names of all my friends in the DTA file as (for example) K8CC/DAVE, so
that I was reminded in the middle of a contest and could at least say
hello.  I also had entered some calls that genuinely had slashes, such
as F/ON8KO.  Anyway, the DTA rules are that just letters and numbers are
allowed.  Furthermore, the database should be in alphabetical order to
operate correctly.

I haven't been able to find any rules published as to what is the
correct DTA format, and would appreciate knowing what these are.  I have
been in the habit of creating my own DTA files from past entries in the
IOTA contest and some others, and would like to make sure these are in
the correct format.


Ed, G3SQX (N0ED)

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