[na-user] NA Memory

Tue, 15 May 2001 11:09:16 -0700

We're getting ready for WPX CW, and ran into a snag on memory.  Anybody have
any ideas?

We've got a Toshiba 430 CDT P100 with Win 95 loaded, but we are booting it
into DOS.  There is 32 Meg of memory.

NA only recognizes sufficient memory for about 4500 QSOs.  The NA book talks
about NA using XMS memory and says that having the DOS HIMEM.SYS driver in
the config.sys file will provide the XMS driver.  This is apparently not
working for us.  The config.sys file has that driver installed but we still
don't get the memory NA needs.

Any suggestions?

CU as 6Y1A, Kenny K2KW

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