[na-user] Video Problems - Program termination

Tom Ogburn Tom Ogburn <togburn@wwbt.com>
Thu, 17 May 2001 09:46:17 -0400

I've had a problem for a while that has occurred with over several versions
of NA 10.XX and I've finally realized the sequence of events.

Several times, perhaps as many as 5 times, during a contest, I will get to a
point that windows start "melding" together, that is, the packet window will
somehow merge with duplicates window or the band map window and information
from the two windows will appear together on top of each other. It's not
just those windows, but others as well. Shortly after that, the PC will
lockup and I'll have to reboot to get going again. The last time it
happened, NA exited to DOS with a message about an error in, I believe, an
OVL module. Not sure about that, because I was so anxious to get back
running again I rebooted before I thought to write it down.

I have recently realized that it only occurs during "assisted" operation
where I'm using packet and the bandmap windows a lot. During the ARRL 10
meter contest running full bore unassisted it did not crash once, and during
several other minor contests with my not using the packet or bandmap it did
not crash.

Any suggestions, or anyone having similar problems? I'm running NA on a
WIN95 machine booted in "DOS" and the hardware is a Pentium II 200mhz with
48MB of RAM. The video card is an older ATI All-In-Wonder card. There are 3
com ports, a network card, and a sound card in the machine and as far as I
can tell there are no IRQ conflicts.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Tom, N4ZJ

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