[na-user] Keying an MP

k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Sun, 20 May 2001 23:30:09 -0400


I'm pretty sure you need a stereo 1/4 plug for the key in.  My FT-1000Ds 
are that way.  RYFM.

Second, turn off the internal keyer.

That should set you up.



At 12:52 AM 5/20/01 +0000, Ron Wetjen wrote:

>Have been using the LPT CW interface described in the NA manual to key
>my TS-930 ... using pins 1, 17, and 18.  For the 930, used a mono-phono
>plug, the pin 1 and 17 combo went to the tip, and pin 18 to ground.
>Don't need the PTT lines, since I'm not using an amp.  This setup worked
>fine on a 930 and a 450 just last weekend.
>Just upgraded to an MP, and now can't get the interface to key the rig.
>Switched to a 3 contact stereo plug, and using the same configuration,
>I'm getting a string of dits when I connect the pin 1 and 17 combo to
>the pin or a string of dashes when I connect to the ring.
>Tried a N3JT CW interface, and I'm getting a string of "di-dahs" with
>This can't be that difficult to figure out, but it's got me whipped!
>Anyone using the LPT CW interface or N3JT interface and clue me in to
>the proper connections to key the rig?
>Thanks, Ron
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