[NA-User] Motherboard for Contesting

Steve Maki steve@oakcom.com
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 14:27:12 -0500

AD1C wrote:

>> Here's an interesting link though:
>> http://www.softwareandstuff.com/h_mb_ecsp6fx1acpu.html
>> ATX motherboard, 4 PCI, 4 ISA, WITH Pentium Pro 180 MHZ cpu
>> and fan - $24.95. No AGP - needs PCI video card.

>Make sure you know exactly which form factor motherboard you need.  All my
>older homebrew PCs use the AT form factor motherboard.  ATX has some of the
>connectors built onto the motherboard, you can not just drop these boards into
>an AT-style case.  Plus they require a different power supply.  At this price,
>though, you could certainly pick up an ATX case (with power supply) at CompUSA
>for under $100, then just transfer your peripherals.

Exactly. My longtime favorite cheap ATX case & supply (ACER HX-45) is
available for $40 all over the web. At this point one might as well start
changing over to ATX so that PS2 keyboards plug right in, etc.

Steve K8LX