[NA-User] Running NA 1057 in Windows 2000 Pro.

David A. Pruett k8cc@comcast.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 17:11:26 -0500

At 03:55 PM 12/20/02 -0500, KG8GW@aol.com wrote:
>I have read many of the archive messages about the CW sounding flakey (K5IID)
>when trying to run NA in Windows 2000, XP etc.  I am experiencing the same
>I note in the keyer set up that paddle sidetone and message sidetone are
>locked on and cannot be changed.  Has anyone else experienced this situation.

When you say "locked on and cannot be changed", can you at least deselect 
the options on the screen (i.e., the "*" disappears next to the 
option)?  Are you exiting the control panel with Ctrl-Enter, which is 
required to make the selections "take"?

>My real question is can NA, including rig keying be successfully run in
>Windows 2000?  Any help will be appreciated .

I had NT 4.0 on my main non-radio computer for four years and was never 
able to get even rational-sounding CW from it.  The note from Jim/AD1C was 
right on point.  I don't think you'll have much luck running under any of 
these multitasking OS's (NT4.0/Win2000/Pro, etc.)  I don't think this is 
restricted to DOS programs only - I'll bet any of the Windows loggers can't 
send decent CW either without an outboard keyer connected to a COM port.

I had my NT 4.0 machine dual-booted  with DOS 6.22 so that I could do NA 
development on it.  This works perfectly.  However, I eventually migrated 
to developing on either the main shack computer (running DOS 6.22) or my 
Dell laptop (Win95 booted to the command line).  The latter, BTW, works 
perfectly for running any DOS application I could find (even K6STI's RITTY 
for RTTY operation) yet you can still so to the Windows GUI if you 
wanted.  Win98 is equally useful.  Too bad the later Windoze versions don't 
seem to be capable of this.