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Go into the Log Information Sheet and replace "NC" with "#" (i.e., number
symbol) and re-generate your log output files.  Your sent exchange in the
.PRN and Cabrillo .LOG files will be RST & sent number.  I'm pretty sure
the .SUM file will be correct as well.


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The following applies to versions 10.53 and 10.54:
The default exchange in the RAC contest is set to RPT LOC. This works fine
for Canadian stations, but not for US or DX stations which must send S/N.
This is not problem to change (F2 setting), but when the log is written,
RPT LOC that gets into the log.
Example: the last entry in my log was --
QSO:  28024 CW 2001-12-29 1713 N4CW     599 NC   F5ROX   599 011

Also, the summary "Exchanged Information: N4CW RST NC"

I don't know a quick and easy way to fix the log so I can submit it; it
appears that I must edit each entry to include the serial number of the

If this is an old issue that was resolved in the past, please forgive my
ignorance and inform me of the solution.

73, Bert N4CW
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