[NA-User] LPT1 interface problem on new computer

Tom Homewood w1to@adelphia.net
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:34:37 -0400

The problem could be the operating system.  What was the old versus the new?

Tom, W1TO

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Subject: [NA-User] LPT1 interface problem on new computer

> Problem:
> Swapped in a new computer, and now I can't key the radio unless I
> unplug the PTT line. Problem is the same on several different
> (both homemade and commercial) LPT keying interfaces. With the
> PTT line hooked to the radio, the PTT works, and the paddle input
> works (I hear the computer generated CW), but the radio is not keyed.
> With PTT disconnected, radio keys fine. I tried various LPT settings
> in the computer's BIOS, but nothing fixes it. Apparently the LPT
> pinout on this box is different somehow.
> Has anyone run into this?
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> Steve K8LX
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