[NA-User] New NA Version Coming For FD

David A. Pruett k8cc@comcast.net
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 00:19:32 -0400

Just a heads up to the NA users that there will be a new NA version coming 
out tomorrow evening in time for Field Day 2002.  Release 10.57 will have 
fixed the field format bug which affects the QRP and IOTA contests, plus 
fixes the bug in "Stay On Alternate Radio After QSO" which the 
long-suffering N6RT has waited so patiently for.

10.57 also adds support for IC756Pro, FT100/D (tnx AD6TF for the CAT info) 
and FT-847 radios.  (If somebody can tell me the C-IV ID for the ProII I'll 
add it to the next release.)  It also adds a "Sat" band for satellite QSOs 
on FD, plus a feature called "Frequency Window By Band" which sets the 
Frequency Window (Alt-F) to display the current frequencies by band rather 
than by computer.  This latter feature proved useful to the K8CC crew a 
couple of weeks ago in the ARRL June VHF QSO Party where each computer had 
more than one transmitter.

10.57 has been a couple of weeks in gestation, and ran the June VHF contest 
without a hitch.  The satellite band thing was just added this evening, but 
this version should be pretty robust.

Radio Bookstore will have 10.57 tomorrow, and it will be on the DATOM web 
site by early evening.

73 es GL on FD