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Tom Ogburn togburn@wwbt.com
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 15:44:04 -0400

Thanks for all of the replies. I was "cleaning out the closet" and found
some networks cards and wondered if it were practical to hang on to those
and put them in NA computers for a multi-op thing and free up com ports.


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Rich and all,

This is a bit out of topic for NA reflector but please excuse me. We were at
IOTA pedition on EU101 in the beginning of June and eventhough I suggested
that we should use NA there I was voted out and we used CT instead. We used
the Windows version of CT and made a simple network between the computers
through a hub. We started the CT with -enet thing in the end of command line
and we got the ethernet running. It ran flawlessly throuhout the 5 days we
stayd there. The DOS version of CT is a pain in the a.. to configure for the
ethernet use but that Windows version was very easy. I don't know how K1EA
has done it but it seemed to work great.

But that's all you will hear CT stuff from me on this reflector as this
reflector is ment for the greatest contest logging software NA. CT lacks so
many other things that one network thingy can't get it even close to NA in
usage, stability and support.

Juha OH6XX
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> >There is no similar ethernet network support in NA that is in CT.
> >The only
> >way to connect computers together is to use com ports either direct or in
> >loop configuration.
> To be correct, there is no ethernet support in CT - rather K1TTT wrote
> software (nettsr) that replaces the comtsr driver that CT requires.  It
> packages the com port data in a UDP frame so the ethernet board can handle
> No handshaking,  or other fancy tcp/ip services, and no guarantee that it
will work.
> I got it to work on and off here at ka8okh a few years ago,  but abandoned
it for
> NA serial networking.  I wasn't comfortable with CT/nettsr's reliability.
> Rich
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