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Sounds like a good approach to me.  However, with NA you only have two
choices - all bands, or your band only.  With these choices, "your band
only" should not attempt to descriminate between phone and CW on 40M, and
probably 160M as well.

I think the function is broke in NA - we should make it work as you


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At 12:31 AM 3/5/2002 -0500, k8cc wrote:

>We saw this same problem at K8CC and had to use the same workaround.  The
>problem comes because people don't want to see CW spots during an SSB
>contest and vica versa, and how do you tell on 160 or 40 whether a spot is

>CW or phone simply by the frequency data?  On all the other bands it can
>be done. (OK, maybe 80 is a little funny.)  I thought we had this one
>fixed but I guess not.  We'll have to take a look at this.

We did not filter 40 meters at all at KC1XX.  I think I saw 5 CW spots the
whole weekend, and hundreds of SSB spots.  For me it was a non-issue.

73 - Jim AD1C

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