[NA-User] 2 radios - 1 COM port

wx3m@comcast.net wx3m@comcast.net
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 19:24:35 -0500

I have recently (yesterday) acquired a second IC-765. This came with the
CI-V interface.

I have used my current IC-765 with NA using a homebrew interface. As they
sit right now, RIG-1 is on COM-3 and RIG-2 is on COM-4. All is well and
communicating happily . . .

I would like to combine the communications to both radios into one COM port,
(so I can do SO2R from a laptop). The Icom (and the homebrew) computer
interfaces allow you to use several radios on one interface.

How do I do this?

I assume that if I have both radios hooked to the interface on COM X, and NA
configured to RIG-1=IC-765 and RIG-2=IC-765, NA and the interface will not
know which radio is which and become confused.

I assume I will have to change the address (HEX value/assignment) for one of
the radios. If I leave RIG-1 the way it is, and set RIG-2 to, say, an
IC-781, and change the radio 2 to communicate like an IC-781, can NA talk to
both radios on the same COM port?

Don WX3M

Don Chisholm
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