[NA-User] Using NA With The New WPX Multi-Single Rules

k8cc k8cc@comcast.net
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 00:03:37 -0500

When WPX changed the multi-single rules to allow a second multiplier-only 
rig, a new requirement was added that the multiplier transmitter was to use 
its own set of serial numbers.  When two NA computers are linked together 
for WPX m/s, this is not possible.

In response to an e-mail sent to me on this subject, I queried WPX Contest 
Director Steve Bolia, N8BJQ and this is the response he sent:

"I will take whatever you can generate that will give me a log with the 
correct serial numbers sent by each station.  If it is consecutive serial 
numbers that is fine.  If it is separate numbers on each band as in M/M, 
that will be fine also.  My original intent 2 years ago was just to have one
set of consecutive serial numbers.  For some software (not yours), that 
proved to be a major problem. The work around was to set up as a 
multi-multi which worked okay until they merged the log and the software 
renumbered the log.  I've not had any experience using NA linked so I don't 
have a good idea how you handle serial numbers."

"The intent is not to make it complicated, just to make sure I get a log 
with the correct serial numbers.  No one will be penalized if they use 
consecutive numbers or numbers by band or by transmitter."

My recommendation would be to continue to set up WPX multi-singles without 
using "QSO Number By Band", and as Steve has indicated above, will meet 
their logchecking needs as well.