[NA-User] WPX Check Mult Window....

Stan Gantz W5GZ@zianet.com
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 10:29:21 -0700

	This problem  is on the WPX 'test.....When entering a call, after pushing 
just the space bar as usual, the bearing and sunrise/sunset do NOT come up 
as in every other 'test I have used NA on,  It ONLY comes up AFTER I have 
entered the contact, and of course is of no benefit then.  I need to know 
where to aim my rotor (by hand).  As I said earlier all works fine on say 
ARRL DX 'test by entering "F=10" then it works for every query before 
entering,  But NOT on WPX!!!
	I must be doing something wrong, but after reading the manual, I can't 
understand what I am not doing right!  HELP!!