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G3SJJ g3sjj@btinternet.com
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 20:38:25 -0000

Jeez, is this service or what! Dave, that is just great. I don't need the
update just now so will pick it up later, but just wanted to say thanks
for the excellent service and changing the colours.

I also noted the lack of info on F10 but since I am not doing the contest
seriously wasn't bothered. The WX is just too good here at present to be
indoors. I even went swimming in an outdoor (heated) pool yesterday &
I have never done that in the UK at this time of year!!

73 Chris G3SJJ

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> At 10:29 AM 3/30/02 -0700, Stan Gantz wrote:
> >         This problem  is on the WPX 'test.....When entering a call,
> > pushing just the space bar as usual, the bearing and sunrise/sunset do
> > NOT come up as in every other 'test I have used NA on,  It ONLY comes up
> > AFTER I have entered the contact, and of course is of no benefit then.
> > need to know where to aim my rotor (by hand).  As I said earlier all
> > works fine on say ARRL DX 'test by entering "F=10" then it works for
> > every query before entering,  But NOT on WPX!!!
> >         I must be doing something wrong, but after reading the manual, I
> > can't understand what I am not doing right!  HELP!!
> Stan,
> You're not doing anything wrong.  However, your description of what NA is
> doing in WPX is not completely correct, either.
> If you check a callsign with a prefix you've already worked, NA does show
> the beam heading and sunrise/sunset times.  However, if you check a
> callsign with a prefix that has not yet been worked, this data is not
> Omitting this data was not intentional, however there is a reason behind
> it.  WPX is different from most contests, including ARRL DX that you
> mention.  When you start operating in ARRL DX, you know all the possible
> multipliers you can work (i.e., DXCC countries).  In WPX, there is no list
> of multipliers - the prefixes are added as you work them.  So when you
> enter a callsign that has a prefix you have not yet worked, you can't
> it because its not yet a multiplier.
> To put it another way, you're asking NA to find the beam heading for a
> callsign, not to check a prefix.  The two are not necessarily the same
> Not to put too fine a point on it, but the F10 window has worked this way
> in WPX for ten years.  During that time I can count on one hand the number
> of people who have commented about it.
> Having said all that, you do raise a good point and it would be an
> improvement to be able to find the beam heading data in WPX for a station
> which you've not yet worked.  I've gone in and fixed the code so it does
> work that way now.
> I don't know whether you (or anyone else) is checking e-mail during the
> contest, but if you want a copy of this new NA, drop me an e-mail and I'll
> send it to you.  I'll e-mail just the NA.EXE file to save time.
> I've also improved the colors in the ANNOUNCEMENT WINDOW.  See the
> e-mail here on the reflector.
> 73,
> Dave Pruett, K8CC
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