[NA-User] NA log file extensions

john-k1rc@juno.com john-k1rc@juno.com
Sun, 6 Oct 2002 23:28:21 -0400

Hi all,

Just noticed something unusual in Version 1056.

I've recently loaded Quicken 2000 on the shack PC.
That pkg uses the file extension .QDF for its data files.

I have Ver 1056 configured where the various files are
in sub-folders such as: \CRT, \MLT, \QDF and \OUT.
(normal stuff). 

When I was looking at the Logfile folder, I noticed that all
the  .QDF files have a file type label of 
" Quicken QDF Data File "
I tried double-clicking on an old QDF Logfile to open it 
and Quicken booted up. (If you want to look at the file
without booting Quicken, right-click on the file and do
an "Open with", then select your file viewer or editor..)

It reported   data losses in the file and the losses were 
described in the file "Data_Log.txt".
I tried viewing the file and Quicken reported 
"Cant find "C:\NA1056\QDF \DATA_LOG.TXT file. Create one?
I clicked "YES" and it reported "Data file empty, can't open file."

I closed out Quicken then booted up NA and ran that old logfile...
The file looks and runs ok, so I don't think any damage was done.
I think if I keep the QDF files in their respective application
folders, everything should be ok.....

Does anyone see any potential problems with both applications
using the same file extension for their data files???

Just thought I'd put this info on the reflector for general 

John K1RC

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