[NA-User] LPT ports on Win98

garys@nconnect.net garys@nconnect.net
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 03:23:11 -0400


I'm adding some external stuff on the LPT port of my Compaq Win98 machine.
I was getting garbage on the outputs while in Win98.  I put a scope on the
LPT connector and found that every few seconds it would put a pattern of
data on the data output pins. I also found this was happening on a laptop
running Win2000.

When I boot in DOS (my normal method to run NA), everything works fine.

I could unplug the LPT cable except when in DOS, but would rather not do
that. I can also go into WIN98 Device Manager and disable the printer port.

There must be a more elegant way to keep Windows from twiddling the LPT
pins. Anyone know what it is?


- Gary, W9XT


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