[NA-User] LPT ports on Win98

garys@nconnect.net garys@nconnect.net
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 19:09:32 -0400

Yep, there was a driver loaded in there I forgot about.  I have an external
R/W CD ROM Drive I use for back up, etc.  It uses the parallel port. I
disabled it and everything is working fine now.

Thanks to everyone who responded.  I should know better than to work on
this stuff at 3:00 AM, let alone post stuff at that time. At least I'm not
getting it ready at 3:00AM *the night before* CQWW! :-)

Thanks & 73 - Gary, W9XT

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From: k9tm k9tm@buckeye-express.com
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 17:15:39 -0400
To: garys@nconnect.net
Subject: Re: [NA-User] LPT ports on Win98


I know you're a very astute engineering type, so I'm sorry if you
already checked this stuff... 

I have seen Windows do this with certain items installed.  I had a
scanner that did this.  I guess it would also be possible for certain
printers. Since Windows collects status from the printer now by
communicating instead of just thru the usual handshake pins.

I have also had this kind of problem with the serial port (I know you
said LPT) with the Palm Pilot software loaded... it keeps pinging the

Before you disable the port, maybe try selecting a different default
printer?  Wonder what printer it is?

I run NA on a Win98 machine in a window and have no problems like this. 
I use the LPT port for 2-radio control and cw/ptt...etc (soon for your
external DVK).  Actually I do it on multiple machines, desktop and
notebook.  I suspect it is something you have loaded that keeps pinging
the port.

BTW, whenever you are ready to start testing those external DVK's... I
would be happy to test one... and of course buy one.

73 Tim K9TM

"garys@nconnect.net" wrote:
> Hi
> I'm adding some external stuff on the LPT port of my Compaq Win98 machine.
> I was getting garbage on the outputs while in Win98.  I put a scope on the
> LPT connector and found that every few seconds it would put a pattern of
> data on the data output pins. I also found this was happening on a laptop
> running Win2000.
> When I boot in DOS (my normal method to run NA), everything works fine.
> I could unplug the LPT cable except when in DOS, but would rather not do
> that. I can also go into WIN98 Device Manager and disable the printer
> There must be a more elegant way to keep Windows from twiddling the LPT
> pins. Anyone know what it is?
> Thanks!
> - Gary, W9XT
> w9xt@qth.com
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