[NA-User] problem with logging on 10.57

Tom Horton k5iid@ntelos.net
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 23:04:42 +0000

  Try entering them as "DX" instead of DLXYYY.
I think that should fix it...
73, Tom K5IID

At 17:29 09/29/02 -0500, Brian K. Gaskamp wrote:
>I tried to log to DL stations today during Texas Qso Party and both times NA
>gave me a error message, and had to go back and fire up the program again...
>Error read "error 05 occurred in module SCR_OVL at address 4832:21F5
>One was a DL2 and the other was a DL7....
>Anybody else have this problem....
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