[NA-User] Emptying dupe sheet in the middle of test?

Juha Rantanen oh6xx at sral.fi
Sat Apr 5 11:22:23 EST 2003


I would like to run ES-Open Championship with my favorite logging software
NA but there is a small hick up doing so. As it says in the rules
le&artid=64 ) the contest last for 4 hours and I'm allowed to run every
station once on both bands on every period. That is 8 times all together.
Is it possible to empty the dupe sheet after every hour like TR allowes one
to do or do I need 4 logging windows one for each period? If I need 4 NA's
open is it possible to have them all setup so that I can use LPT port keying
with them. Meaning I don't need to do any configuring between the periods?

73 de Juha OH6XX

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