[NA-User] Converting old .QSO files to .ADI

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Tue Dec 2 17:58:36 EST 2003

At 10:55 PM 12/1/03 -0700, Matt wrote:
>How does one convert old NA version .QSO files to .ADI format?

For now it's a two-step process.  Use NAU.EXE (which comes on your NA disk) 
to convert a .QSO file to a .QDF, then use any recent version of NA to make 
an ADIF (.ADI) file.

With the recent Interest in Logbook of The World (LoTW), more people will 
probably be using ADIF for import.  NA currently uses .ADF for the ADIF 
file extention - don't blame me, the ADIF spec conspicuously does not 
specify the file extention.  KT8X recently pointed out that most systems 
(including LoTW) expect .ADI extentions.  The next version of NA will fix 
this, but for now just rename the file from *.ADF to *.ADI and it will work 

Dave Pruett, K8CC
DATOM Engineering

datom at contesting.com

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