[NA-User] New country files for CT/NA/TR/WL - 26 February 2003

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Wed Feb 26 00:19:50 EST 2003

Hi there folks,

New country files are available for this weekend's ARRL DX contest from 

Please see the README.TXT file for instructions on using them with your 
particular logging program.

A long list of changes, some going back as far as last November.

73 - Jim AD1C

25 February 2003 (CTY-1302)

     * Added B0-B9 to prefix list for China, BY (replacing explicit 1x1
     * Added CQ Zone 29 to callsign KC4/N2TA.
     * Corrected ITU zone for R1AND (thanks W7BX)
     * Changed KC4/KE6ZYR to KC4/KE6ZYK and corrected CQ/ITU zones
       (thanks W7BX)
     * Added TO2FG to callsign list for Guadeloupe, FG.
     * Added TO1A to callsign list for Martinique, FM.
     * Removed TX0C from callsign list for Crozet, FT8W (thanks W7BX).
     * Changed Sicily prefix IT9 to just IT (thanks IT9BLB).
     * Added KU1CW (CQ Zone 4), N7DF (CQ Zone 4), N0AX (CQ Zone 3) and
       WH0AAM (CQ Zone 3) to callsign list for USA, K.
     * Removed AH3D from callsign list for USA, K.
     * Removed K2G from callsign list for Guam, KH2 (and associated K2G**
       calls from USA)
     * TA0, etc. moved from Turkey (Europe) to Turkey (Asia) (thanks TA1E).
     * Added VP8GEO to callsign list for South Georgia, VP8/G (thanks W7BX).
     * Added CE9A and CE9R to callsign list for South Shetlands, VP8/H.
     * Added VP8THU to callsign list for South Sandwich, VP8/S (thanks W7BX).

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