[NA-User] NA1058 glitch

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 26 22:51:31 EST 2003

I used NA 10.58 for the CQ 160 CW and it worked perfectly, except for with
one crash sequence.  I did have one weird experience, and that was any time
I typed in a call with the sequence XV as the prefix, where "X" was any
letter, and "V" was the second letter (eg, W4ZV, and I typed in "ZV" to
check the auto-partial to see if we had worked before).  In those cases,
the program crashed.


>This presented for the list to ponder. I started the 160 test with NA1058
>all configured for a great time-I thought. I started CQing and worked two
>stations right away. Then I noticed that there were no calls in the
>log -only little dashes and no time stamps. I dumped out and tried to reload
>and the screen locked up with a list of frequencies in a little box to the
>lower right or the 'number of QSOS loaded and you have room for **** screen'
>I then went back to 1057 and ran the contest using it.
>On Saturday I deleted the QDF file and reconfigured and it ran perfectly.
>There was a *.bad file and the only line read as follows:
>00001 01/01/1980 0.0 cw 0000
>Any ideas ? It was very strange and I wonder if I hit some combo of keys to
>cause this anomaly.
>Dan W8CAR
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