[NA-User] Windows XP and USB ports

Bob Patten n4bp at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 6 16:04:58 EDT 2003

Ted W. Colby wrote:
> I own a registered copy of NA 10.2.  I am trying to use it with my new Dell 5100 laptop which has USB ports only.  I can obtain USB to serial converters.  How do I configure the program to talk to USB ports?  Do I need to upgrade to a later version of NA?
You can't configure NA for USB ports.  What you need is a USB to Serial 
Port adaptor.  To make things more difficult though, NA and other DOS 
based software need a com port that has a legitimate address and IRQ. 
The only one I've discovered, and quite probably the only one available 
that will provide a fully compatible serial port is the Belkin F5U103. 
They should be available at Best Buy and CompUSA stores for about $70.

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