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I believe you have to move a couple of jumpers in the box for it to work
with NA. As I understand it, it ships with the jumpers configured for CT and
TR LPT commands. You have to move them to make it completely functional with

I hope this helps.

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> Just got this Top Ten devices DX Doubler SO2R box all wired,
> and it seems to be running well except ............
> LPT will not drive the switching from radio 1 to radio 2 in automatic
> positions.
> The software switches from radio 1o to radio 2, as it has always done.
> The com ports read the radios properly as to band, mode, freq, etc.
> But, in switching from radio to the other as far as transmitting is
> concerned..............
> Only way to accomplish same is from radio 1 to radio 2 is in manual mode.
> In auto mode, the box wants to only listen and key radio #1.
> All else works well.
> Any tricks learned or experienced by others in making the LPT do radio
> switching functions for transmit and receive ?
> Running version 10.58, and all is configured properly in the config.exe
> program.
> Thanks,
> Bob Perring
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