[NA-User] FT1000MP Interface Question

Jessica Benny jbenny at rain.org
Mon Jul 28 00:04:56 EDT 2003


Ran the IOTA contest with two ops and two radios. The second radio is a 
FT1000MP that I recently purchased. I have had two Kenwood TS940S in the 

The problem, turning on the radio after NA is in the logging mode, or 
turning off the FT1000MP during the contest, NA gave the following 
error: "Error 05 occurred in module NA1057 at address 1381:18BB. Hit any 
key to return to system". The computer would then go to DOS. Turning on 
the radio and rebooting returned everything to normal. The Kenwood radio 
does not cause this problem.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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