[NA-User] Savelog?

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Jun 26 23:26:28 EDT 2003


to be able to use what you saved on the disk you will need NA, so if you 
are going to look at the info again it better be on the same machine 
with NA on it!

Also, when you quit the program and you can see it writing the various 
files note that most of those like for example your summary sheet are 
not being written onto the floppy but onto the hard drive where you have 
NA running!

SO, if you wanna have that data to fuss with you had better copy all 
those files over to the floppy....

IF you named the logging event FD2003, then a ll sorts of files called 
FD2003.xyz are created - easiest thing to do is go into the NA sub 
directory and do a copy

FD2003.* a:     (the asterisk is a shorthand for "all" so any file which 
has the appropriate "prefix" will be copied onto the floppy a: drive)

Then you will have it all on the floppy...

Again, if you are just going to review the log later on the same machine 
this may not be necessary... but if you are like me and have NA running 
at the contest QTH and wanna look at the log from last weekend on 
Wednesday - just the saved output on a: created by typing savelog will 
not cut it!

73, still a big fan of NA - thanks Dave!

Jim, K4OJ

Hank Kohl K8DD wrote:
> Make that:
> "Yes, just a simple formatted empty disk will do it"
> It does not need NA on it.
> When you type "savelog" it will create a file <contest_name>.sav.
> If you need to use it, rename it from <contest_name>.sav to 
> <contest_name>.qdf
> and use it to replace the .qdf file in your NA path.
> 73    Hank    K8DD
> At 6/26/2003 05:35 PM -0400, Ted Edwards W3TB wrote:
>>         Yes, just a simple unformatted empty disk will do it.  The 
>> first time you
>> type "savelog" it will create the file.
>> Good and smart idea to type the command every once in a while when you 
>> have
>> a spare moment.
>>                         73 de Ted W3TB
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>> If I am running na from my hard drive (C-Drive) logging QSO's and I type
>> savelog, It saves to A drive. Is a formatted disk all I need in A 
>> drive? Or
>> will I have to have NA on that disk as well?
>> Mike AB0TX...
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