[NA-User] TO1A in new country.dat

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Mon Mar 3 17:37:35 EST 2003

At 10:05 AM 3/3/03 -0500, Dan Kovatch wrote:
>Ran into a problem with TO1A not showing up as FM in the log but getting the
>infamous ///// in the mult field. Edited the country.dat file (this was the
>latest K1EA release) and found a 'hanging T' instead of a' ;' at the end of
>the line .After editing and recompiling with NAU all was well. Don't know if
>my download was faulty or the file was FUBAR to begin with.

There may have been a problem because if I recall correctly, there were two 
releases of the country file recently, and perhaps the second one corrected 
the problem.

I downloaded the file during the contest specifically to fix TO1A, and it 
came up properly as a mult once the new file was loaded.


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