[NA-User] 990/computer interface

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Thu May 15 00:22:50 EDT 2003

Did you save the changes to the config files when you closed it?

My 990 at 4800 baud works fine - nothing major had to be done - it was 
harder to get it going with CT - I just did same stuff as you noted. 
There is a chance your not outputting info at the CAT socket on the back 
  - dunno if a local could mebbe lend you one of those line testers with 
the LEDs that show activity on the circuit - you could plug that into 
the far end to see if the checker's lights flicker when you spin the 
knob, etc...

Is the CAT readout on the display of the 990 flashing?

GL - off to Dayton to see my buddy K8CC - no matter how much he upsets 
me at times I still love his program NA!


Bob Pack (NX5M) wrote:
> OK, what am I missing?
> I have the proper cable.  Have tried known working com ports.  Changed every setting I can think of.
> Yes, and I read the manual.  I have now pulled out a bit more of my hair (what has not fallen out naturally).
> Radio is a 990 which runs at 4800 baud.  XCVR1 selected and set at 4800 baud.  Using 10.58.  As far as I know I have the settings right.  
> Perhaps I am missing something simple and it would not surprise me if that were the case.  I have been on the "go" so much for the past 2 months and I am tired.  Not thinking clearly is pretty certain.
> All I am trying to do at this point is connect 1 radio.
> So do any of you NA guys have any input on this one?
> Thanks!
> Bob NX5M
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