[NA-User] 990/computer interface

Bob Pack (NX5M) nx5m at txcyber.com
Thu May 15 23:07:33 EDT 2003

Hi Jim,
Oh yes, I saved everything.  I bought the cable/level control adapter from a
source that says the cable has been tested.  I doubt it is the cable but
then again you never know.
As far as the CAT indicator flashing.....nil.
I changed stop bits on that port as suggested by someone but that did not
work either.
Dave may be correct in that these radios are old.  Radio #1 was one of the
first 5 off the line.  I dont know how old #2 is but I connected it tonight
with the same results.  I just sent an email to Yaesu...perhaps I need some
sort of upgrade or something.


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> Did you save the changes to the config files when you closed it?
> My 990 at 4800 baud works fine - nothing major had to be done - it was
> harder to get it going with CT - I just did same stuff as you noted.
> There is a chance your not outputting info at the CAT socket on the back
>   - dunno if a local could mebbe lend you one of those line testers with
> the LEDs that show activity on the circuit - you could plug that into
> the far end to see if the checker's lights flicker when you spin the
> knob, etc...
> Is the CAT readout on the display of the 990 flashing?
> GL - off to Dayton to see my buddy K8CC - no matter how much he upsets
> me at times I still love his program NA!
> K4OJ
> Bob Pack (NX5M) wrote:
> > OK, what am I missing?
> > I have the proper cable.  Have tried known working com ports.  Changed
every setting I can think of.
> > Yes, and I read the manual.  I have now pulled out a bit more of my hair
(what has not fallen out naturally).
> > Radio is a 990 which runs at 4800 baud.  XCVR1 selected and set at 4800
baud.  Using 10.58.  As far as I know I have the settings right.
> >
> > Perhaps I am missing something simple and it would not surprise me if
that were the case.  I have been on the "go" so much for the past 2 months
and I am tired.  Not thinking clearly is pretty certain.
> >
> > All I am trying to do at this point is connect 1 radio.
> >
> > So do any of you NA guys have any input on this one?
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Bob NX5M
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