[NA-User] 990/computer interface

Dick Wilson k6lrn at saber.net
Tue May 20 13:13:52 EDT 2003

Don't like to bother you with what is probably a 'cockpit problem'. I
tried to post a message to the NA-user reflector, but was intercepted by
the 'administrator' as I was not a member of that reflector. As of noon
PDST, Tuesday, message has not been posted. Strange, because I get
postings from the reflector all the time.

Anyway, problem is this. I recently upgraded to V 10.58. Loaded it onto
two computers. One of them received a shot of RF and will not key radio
from computer. This one will have to be repaired/replaced.

The computer I want to use will not run NA when I am in the "restart in
DOS mode". Cursor just blinks and I have to reset computer. It will run
in a DOS window in this computer. It is a Pentium 150 mhz, running
Windows 98 SE. Tried reloading from the disc...still problem. 

Thanks & 73, 

Dick Wilson, K6LRN

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