[NA-User] SO2R

Bob, N5RP n5rp at pdq.net
Wed Oct 29 08:18:42 EST 2003

so this question might be in the gray area of where to go for the answer, 
but I figure this might be the cleanest input group for best response.

I am doing SO2R with a Top Ten Devices DX Doubler.

To initially set this box up, you manipulate some internal jumpers in order 
to accommodate NA software,
and these jumpers are set differently than would be normally set for CT, 
TR, and WriteLog.

Since I use DX4Windows as my normal running day-to-day software, I am 
having to go back and forth in moving  these jumpers from "contest" to " 

Anyone have thoughts on how to get around this problem without doing the 
"opening of the SO2R box and moving the taps routine" on a frequent basis ?

Bob Perring
Amateur Radio Station  N5RP

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