[NA-User] Alt-F4 and the bandmap

ed.miske at kennametal.com ed.miske at kennametal.com
Thu Oct 30 16:32:01 EST 2003

Have never used this feature, (not being a packet guy) but thought I might
try it for SS this weekend.

After reading the manual and talking to a buddy, I'm ok with everything
except I can't seem to make Alt-F4 work to take me back to my previous

I see in the REV notes that in 10.52 that problem was fixed, but my 10.49
and 10.59 act exactly alike......neither version takes me back.

In summary, I select "Fixed position band map" from the Program Options
Control Panel. Do the Ctl-F6 to open bandmap window, enter a call in the
call field, do CTL-enter and then enter and the calll is added to the
bandmap; I add a few more at variious freqs, then do the Ctl -->, highlight
one of the calls and hit enter and the raido goes to that frequency, but
Alt-F4 will not take me back to the previous freq, no matter if I do it
(ALt-F4) after simulating a complete QSO, or right away or after clearing
the field with F11 and maybe a few other iterations I may have tried.

Am i missing something simple? Or maybe something not so simple? Or are
their still problems?

I know I can use the "A+B" vfo button on the rig to accomplish pretty much
the same thing but I would like to keep my fingers around the keyboard as
much as possible.

Thanks for any input


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