[NA-User] System Requirements

Dennis Ponsness wb0wao at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 10:53:24 EST 2003

  OK, I think I understand it.  I was aware of the limitations on WinXP and 
running CW out from NA to the rig.  While I don't do a whole lot of CW 
'tests right now, eventually I will be.  I suppose that I can do CW "the old 
- fashioned way" <grin>.  My main concern was two-fold : one, to link up two 
'puters in a network to use NA and two, to be able to connect to the 'net 
for access to a telnet cluster.  I have NA talking to my K2, so that is OK.  
I did look and see that there were I/O boards still available that had 2 
serial ports on them.  I thought that I with a minimum of 3 serial ports on 
each machine, I could use one for rig control, one for the NA network and 
the other one (on each machine) would be used for the WinTelnetX in/out.  I 
do have a dual serial board that was in an old machine here that I may 
"experiment with" and see what I can do.  While I don't have the second rig 
yet, I can see if I can use the dual I/O board to loop back WinTelnetX.  
Hopefully that will give me telnet access in/out as well as rig control.  
Will have to do that later on in the week after I get the SSB board in and 
checked out in the K2.


Dennis - WB0WAO

EN84ij Iosco County, Michigan
K2 #3555
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