[NA-User] Contesting.com Mailing Lists Users

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Fri Sep 5 17:50:24 EDT 2003

Hello all,

Last August we started taking voluntary "subscriptions" in an effort to pay for the costs of running the Contesting.com and eHam.net web sites.  

Reference:  http://lists.contesting.com/_topband/2002-August/015269.html

The subscriptions this past year have really helped.  We were able to purchase a new server for the Contesting.com mailing lists as well as a new database server for eHam.net (2 servers now deliver more than 5 million pages per month).  Money from advertising has pretty much remained constant, so the subscriptions were the only thing that made a difference.

We have defined an annual subscription program for which site & mailing list users can voluntarily help pay for operations.  We don't define the amount of the subscription, but rather suggest that each user define for themselves the site's value, and consider their own financial ability to subscribe.    For instance, you might compare how much time you spend reading QST or CQ magazines with how much time you spend reading eHam.net & Contesting.com mailing lists.  

If you are a frequent user and have the ability, You can help by subscribing at http://www.eham.net/about/sponsors.  There are links to pay online with a credit card, by PayPal or information on sending a check.

Thanks very much for helping out. 


Bill Fisher, W4AN

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