[NA-User] NA Weirdness

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Mon Dec 13 10:49:50 EST 2004

During the 10 Meter Contest this weekend, I noticed NA wasn't giving me 
multiplier credit for stuff I was working (VP2M, LU, ZL, ZF, VK, V31, 
PJ2, etc.) ... while other mults seemed to get correct credit.

I checked the Multipliers list (alt-M) and saw the ones I didn't get 
credit for, missing from the list!  Hmmm ....

I reinstalled NA - just overwriting NA.EXE, ARRL10.MLT, ARRLDX.MLT, 
SECTIONS.MLT, and DXCC.CTY - just guessing one of those might fix the 
problem ... and it did!  Not sure how the file got corrupted to start 
with.  (I remember someone posted something about not getting credit for 
a multiplier after one of the recent contests ... maybe this was the 
same problem?)

Also during a run, I had NA tell me I was out of the contest band ... 
and jump over to SSB on me (I was CW only) ... which caused me to have 
to reboot and enter that QSO manually.  Seemed to work OK after that.


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